Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that are asked of us frequently.

How can I make an arcade?
This is the most commonly asked question so we simply posted the answer on the front page of ArcadeGen, but since this is the FAQs page I will quote it here.

Quote - Adding an arcade to your website or MySpace is easy. First (Step 1): Select the games below that you want to have on your site or MySpace. Second (Step 2): Once you have selected the games you want, press the “Get Code!” button. Third (Step 3): You now arrive at a page with your arcade code and a preview what it will look like, copy it, then paste it onto your site or MySpace and your arcade is all set! That’s it! In less the 5 minutes, you have your very own arcade. This is a great way to bring tons of visitors to your site or MySpace.
How long does it take to make an arcade?
Oh, this is a great question, it shouldn't take longer then 5 minutes to do. Someone who is web savvy may be able to do it in 1-2 minutes.
When I post the code all I see is the code, no games or images, why?
You probably posted the code somewhere that HTML is not permitted (example: in a comment on myspace or a forum that does not allow HTML postings).